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Dr. Dale Fountain

Dr. Dale Fountain

I became a Chiropractor for several reasons. Not only was I fascinated with the human body and keeping it healthy but through Chiropractic the root cause of the body’s condition is further revealed and through the information gained in the process we are given more tools to help improve a body’s natural ability to heal. The existing medical health care system relies on a treatment of symptoms with chemicals (complete with subsequent side affects of these chemicals). My belief is that the root cause of the symptom needs treatment, not just the symptom itself. My frustration with this limited approach spurred my passion to improve people’s health with Chiropractic care. I have been able to help many people with this care, yet in the past several years I have noticed patient’s conditions seemingly taking longer to heal. I found myself needing more tools to assist me with the other components of my patient’s health …

… enter the powerful benefits of Nutrition Response Testing™

If our bodies have become depleted or environmentally challenged, it makes sense to handle that challenge before the body can begin to heal. Now with the tools from Nutrition Response Testing™ I can find what each person’s body needs to improve and maintain health and measure the results.

I was raised with the education of how important nutrition is, took fractionated vitamins, have never been immunized and only treated with antibiotics once for a kidney infection when I was 27.  My diet has consisted of very little processed food; I have always exercised and have been aware of the importance of taking care of my mental health. I was a competitive gymnast and spring board diver and have years of dance experience. Not only was I a personal trainer, owner and operator of a fitness club for 11 years but have taught group fitness classes since 1983. Very healthy and health conscious is how I thought of myself and setting a good example of health has always been foremost. Without adhering to the four basic components of diet, exercise, physical structure and emotional well-being myself, I wouldn’t easily be able to influence others.

In spite of the fact that I have been very health conscious throughout my life, for the first twenty some years of adulthood several things were going on with me that I did not understand. I did not respond to Chiropractic treatment as I would have expected.  In my twenties I broke several bones easier than what would be considered normal and in my thirties, I began to develop cavities and gum recession even though I brushed and flossed regularly and didn’t eat much “junk.” Then in my forties I sustained sports injuries that took years to heal from and also began to sleep poorly. In addition, it took me seven years to get pregnant with my son.

My first basic Nutrition Response Testing™ seminar was in the fall of 2007 and though I have always known how important a nutritious diet was, I felt a shift as I became aware of how nutrition is actually our biggest priority. When it comes to our bodies’ ability to heal, the role of nutrition is extremely important. I had never stopped to analyze that in order to heal, we have to have energy and that energy comes from food.

As a result of studying and becoming a practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing™, I discovered that I was deficient in several vitamin complexes that support the body’s ability to heal connective tissue (teeth, gums, ligaments, tendons and muscles). I learned how long-term usage of fractionated vitamins can actually lead to deficiency and that even the foods we eat no longer provide the vitamins and minerals they once did because our nation’s soils have become depleted of nutrients.

Since starting a whole food supplement program specifically designed for my body, I am very excited about the changes I am seeing and feeling. My Chiropractic adjustments hold much better, I get over my strains very quickly and I haven’t had any tooth decay. I sleep soundly now and have considerably more energy. What’s most exciting is that I am working on getting my gum tissue to regenerate or at the very least stop any further receding. This part of my healing will take time, so I will keep you posted on the result.

The initial question I asked myself over and over was, “What is wrong with my body?” Now I ask, “What is my body trying to tell me?” Nutrition Response Testing™ has not only helped improve my health but I have seen my patients improve to levels that I was not able to help them with using Chiropractic care alone. To have these evaluation tools now is wonderful but to combine that with Chiropractic is profound. (more about Nutrition Response Testing™ – click here).

I am looking forward to helping many more people change their lives in a positive way to improve their health and maintain it!

In gratitude and health,

Dale Fountain, D.C.

Dale Fountain graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1986 from Life Chiropractic College; Advanced Proficiency rated in Activator Technique; Certified in advanced abdominal and back training; Specialized in pediatrics and sports injuries including extremities; Certified in Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing & Allergy elimination 3/09; Certified BodyPump instructor 2000; Certified BodyFlow instructor 2004; Advanced training in Functional Endocrinology; and other various trainings and advanced certifications.Dr. Fountain is a fourth generation Chiropractor following in the teachings of her parents, grandmother and grandfather, great grandfather on her mother’s side, as well as several uncles. She has experienced chiropractic adjustment since birth.